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Evidence Live 2018

4th July 2018

On behalf of the Evidence Live Programme Committee thank you for joining us at our 7th Evidence Live conference in Oxford last month. During the planning stages we very much

Informing, Developing & Implementing

24th April 2018

Evidence Live program for 2018: Informing, developing and Implementing evidence for real change  The Evidence Live’s program for 2018 contains one of the best line-ups in the seven  years the

Square Peg, Round Hole

12th April 2018

As the seventh Evidence Live conference approaches I find my time is taken up with thoughts of  ‘which room should be allocate for which talk, how to display a landscape poster

Finding the Truth through Medical Journalism

20th February 2018

Evidence Live 2018 Medical Journalism session Tuesday June 19th will explore the benefits to health through the media. Harold Evans was a UK journalist, who grew up round the corner

Evidence-Based Medicine Manifesto – an update

17th January 2018

We are working to identify and prioritise those tasks likely to improve the quality of evidence used at the bedside and make for better healthcare. Carl Heneghan In 2017 we

A Word About Evidence: 3. Manifesto

10th January 2018

A manifesto for Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) was published in the BMJ earlier this year and presented atEvidence Live. Jeff Aronson has been thinking again about the word manifesto. The Indo-European root MAN meant a