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‘First, do no harm’: the promise of new scientific metrics

9th July 2019

In the new era of evidence-based medicine, ‘newly qualified doctors must be able to apply scientific methods and approaches to medical research and integrate these with a range of sources of information used to make decisions for care’

Show your working: Is the way we write our papers fit for purpose?

8th July 2019

Despite advancement, the way we write and report the findings from our research hasn’t really changed all that much in this same 100-year time frame. The ‘IMRAD’ model of writing academic papers appeared in the mid 20th century, and still forms the backbone of how we write papers today.

Systematic review protocols and registration

5th July 2019

Why? How? What (needs improving)?
The answer is simple: By prospectively specifying them. Not only does this provide a roadmap for the review team, it also reduces the risk that the methods are being modified during the systematic review process depending on the results, thus introducing bias.

Predatory publishing or Fake Science?

3rd July 2019

If you are active in research you will no doubt have an inbox full of unsolicited emails from journals asking for your papers. Here’s an example from my inbox: ‘It’s

A bright future for distance-learning?

24th June 2019

A bright future for distance-learning? Challenges and potential solutions The late advances in communication allowed distance barriers to dramatically become less important when it refers to continuing education. At the

EBMLive 2019 Day 1

31st May 2019

The event will be essential to anyone interested in ensuring evidence users have systematic access to the best available evidence.

EBMLive and Early Career Researchers

21st May 2019

Are you a student, junior doctor or early-mid career researcher passionate about improving healthcare? Georgia Richards and Peter Gill, explain why EBMLive is the place for future leaders in EBM.

Resolving Conflicts of Interest in Medicine

18th March 2019

What should we do about the conflicts of interest in medicine? Innovation has meant an open door to conflicted clinicians invested in the development of drugs, devices and technologies. The