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Fixing evidence based medicine

11th October 2016

Love it or hate it—we must all consume evidence. Now is your chance to have your say on what its future should be like. Yesterday the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford Read more

Insights for the Next Generation of Leaders

4th July 2016

Evidence Live 2016 was a resounding success, bringing together global leaders in evidence-based medicine along with 300 delegates. An important conference theme was Training the Next Generation of Leaders in Read more

What Colour is Evidence?

16th June 2016

During the last decade a number of EBM proponents as well as critics have addressed the ‘problems with EBM’ with devaluing words and destructive proposals. The intentions of the EBM-black Read more

Evidence Based Research Needs a SWAT

15th June 2016

Getting Research Done Right “I don’t think enough is being done to make new practitioners ask about the evidence when they are faced with “expertise” and opinion; and randomised trials Read more

Build Trials Right with Equator

8th June 2016

Clinician Initiated Trials, Can They Work? Clinical trials are done to explore whether a medical strategy, treatment, or device is safe, effective, and economical. Trials also explore which treatments work Read more

Teaching EBM – what’s the evidence?

2nd June 2016

When teaching evidence-based medicine to undergraduate students, postgraduate students or professionals I encourage all my students to think critically and ask for the evidence for whatever clinical questions they might Read more