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Capacity Building

The McCall MacBain Foundation has supported the CEBM’s mission to build capacity and foster future leaders in EBM through the 2019 Doug Altman Scholarships and 2022 David Sackett Fellowship.

We seek to expand this work by developing a Global Consortium in EBM that supports capacity building and the development of high-quality evidence to support policy for health and medical decisions that have a global impact. Currently, we are in discussion with the University of Alberta (Canada), the University of Toronto (Canada), Bond University (Australia), and the University of Queensland (Australia), with the aim to enhance this offering by providing longer and global fellowship placements that at all levels can better support the delivery and dissemination of high-quality evidence. 

In 2023, we plan to use the COVID-19 pandemic as an exemplary case study for improving how evidence is synthesised and its impact on policy. Our first event is likely to take place in Canada and we are seeking five years of funding to support: 

  • Development and administration of the Global Consortium in EBM
  • Global events, and 
  • Global scholarships, fellowships and training 

The Global Consortium in EBM would offer 

  1. Pre-doctoral placements: 6-8 week funded placements to support the development of a DPhil/PhD proposal at the CEBM or a partner university;
  2. Early-career placements: 6-12 week funded placements for post-doctoral scholars to travel to partner institutions, build their network, and receive protected time, training and support to apply for joint grants or fellowship applications that will help early-career individuals develop into future leaders;
  3. Mid-career visiting scholarships: 3 months placements at partner institutions to develop their network and receive support in a specific area for career growth; and 
  4. Visiting international professorships. 

The Global Consortium in EBM will be dedicated to fostering the development of individuals who can impact national and global policy. It will also focus on supporting diversity and equality, including encouraging underrepresented groups in the research ecosystem, particularly individuals who lack representation in leadership positions. The Global Consortium in EBM will also be a hub that will support an alumni network of MMF Scholars and Fellows, including the 2019 Doug Altman Scholars and 2022 David Sackett Fellows.

This global network would support individuals at all career stages, providing mentorship and guidance to progress through the offerings, supporting an individual from pre-doctoral to professorship.  

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