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Disentangling too much and too little medicine

20th May 2016

Around the world, healthcare is rapidly becoming unaffordable. In the US, for example, per capita Medicare spending grows at an at average of 3.5% annually(1). In universal health services, health

Future Leaders of EBM 2016

16th May 2016

Leading up to Evidence Live 2016, we will be publishing a series of blog posts highlighting projects, initiatives and innovative ideas from future leaders in evidence based medicine. Please read

Better Decisions Require Research that Matters: part 4

13th May 2016

Poor quality evidence, lack of affordability and uninformed patients suggest an awful lot of research doesn’t actually matter. However, for informing better decisions when presented with a piece of evidence

Better Decisions Require Better Evidence: Part 1

9th May 2016

The campaign starts at EvidenceLive 2016 – with  an open meeting to prioritise and explore the potential solutions to better evidence for  better decisions. At the core of evidence-based medicine

Tools to Communicate Evidence so Others Can Own It

27th April 2016

The Gift of Evidence The greatest gift Evidence-Based Health Care bestows is the power to critically appraise Health Science. I learned from Oxford that the most powerful teaching is that

How Much Does Too Much Medicine Matter?

21st April 2016

  Medicine needs to fit and not just multiply We face the challenge of the century, knowledge about medicine and healthcare is growing faster than the systems that support it.