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Evidence Live program for 2018: Informing, developing and Implementing evidence for real change 

The Evidence Live’s program for 2018 contains one of the best line-ups in the seven  years the conference has been informing, developing and implementing evidence for real change.

It’s so good; it’s hard to know where to start.

Well, let’s start with day one: Tara Lamont is Deputy Director NIHR DC  and has worked for over twenty years in health services research, audit and patient safety.  She will be talking about ways of making evidence used and useful in a world of information overload. On the same day, Research Integrity Question Time will cover integrity in clinical, academic and animal research.  The audience will hear from an advocate (check out the line-up here) in each area setting the scene and generating questions for the bigger debate to come.

On day two we’ll be hearing about Science & Informing the Public with

Margaret McCartney, Andy Oxman & Tracey Brown. Why is the public still being misled asks Margaret McCartney?  Andy Oxman will likely tell us it’s because we aren’t teaching children sufficiently to detect such misleading claims. This session will be followed by a panel session from some of the best healthcare journalists in Europe to find the truth through medical journalism: Shelley Jofre, Jet Schouten, Kath Sansom & Deb Cohen

On the final day, we’ll be hearing about communicating Healthcare Findings to Inform All from  Ben Goldacre, Peter Davidson, Lisa Schwartz & Steve Woloshin. Finally, we will be closing with the dissemination of Cochrane Reviews: maximising research Impact to improve healthcare by  David Tovey, Editor in Chief Cochrane Library chaired by  Fiona Godlee

In between, there will be workshops, parallel sessions, posters, breakfast sessions and an update on the EBM manifesto.  See you there.

Carl Heneghan, Director CEBM

Evidence Live 2018 Symposium

The Evidence Live 2018 Symposium. June 18-20

A 3-day conference jointly hosted by the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford and The BMJ.

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