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Evidence Live 2018

On behalf of the Evidence Live Programme Committee thank you for joining us at our 7th Evidence Live conference in Oxford last month. During the planning stages we very much consider what the output will be for our delegates and hope that we meet our objectives.  We were fortunate to have a wide range of high profile speakers from across the EBM population and associated organisations, content, quality of the topics covered and inclusivity all received positive feedback during the event.  All further comments are gratefully received, please take a minute (or five) to complete the FEEDBACK QUESTIONNAIRE so that we can keep on improving on the experience.

Evidence Live 2018 OPEN DELEGATE LIST

POSTER ABSTRACTS Evidence Live 2018


BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine Journal Evidence Live Conference Supplement

2018 Conference Programme – Keynote and Workshop Abstracts


Ways of making evidence used and useful in a world of information overload – Tara Lamont

Manifesto Update – Carl Heneghan

From 10 essentials for EBM to 10 essential papers on bias – David Nunan    Catalogue of Bias – David Nunan & Carl Heneghan

Research Integrity QT – Carl Heneghan  Research Integrity QT – Emily Sena  Research Integrity QT – Peter Wilmshurst

The false positive risk: a proposal concerning what to do about p-values – David Colquhoun

Dissemination and application of research results to inform decision making – Peter Davidson  Summary – Davidson Evidence for decision-makers

Key concepts for teaching critical thinking and critical appraisal – Oxman, Chalmers, Al Barqouni, Carter

Building capability, leadership and a home for Evidence-based Medicine in Ireland – Niamh ORourke

2017 Highlights