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Wednesday 22nd June

Improving the Quality of Research Evidence

Seon-Young Lee – A systematic review of the methodological and reporting quality of case series in surgery.

Seon-Young Lee – Support for reporting guidelines in surgical journals needs improvement: a systematic review.

Seon-Young Lee – Compliance of systematic reviews in plastic surgery with the PRISMA Statement: a systematic review.

Charmilie Chandrakumar – The use of study registration and protocols in plastic surgery research: a systematic review.

Sonia Ratib – Is there an association between study size and study quality in dermatological clinical trials? A meta-epidemiological review.

Frances Gardner – Enhancing power and transparency and reducing bias through data pooling: Individual Participant Data (IPD) meta-analysis for investigating equity effects of parenting interventions.

Paul Brand – Systematic review of effectiveness of immunotherapy for pediatric asthma: the importance of applicability of research evidence.

Sally Hopewell – Impact of a web-based tool (WebCONSORT) to improve the reporting of randomised trials: results of a randomised controlled trial.

Heidi Gardner – Collaborating to combat the inefficiency of randomised trials.

Paola Rosati – A new scoring method highligts major discrepancies between what clinical trial registries report and paediatric randomised controlled trials publish.

Jane Lloyd – Biases that affect the quality of research evidence for improving organisational health literacy.

Transforming Communication of Evidence for Better Health

Clive Adams – Tweeting links to Cochrane Schizophrenia Group reviews: a randomised controlled trial.

Kim Kristiansen – Developing a method and system to evaluate clinical usefulness of findings in medical research.

Anna Brown – CEBIS: Bringing research knowledge to the clinician and patient to inform evidence based practice.

Tammy Hoffmann – Are patients naively optimistic about health care? A systematic review of expectations of the benefits and harms of treatments, tests, and screens.

Alison Ford & Alan Lovell – Reaching the patient: how the NIHR Dissemination Centre uses the views of patients and carers.

Arlene McCurtin – Fostering evidence diversity in decision aid design: philosophy and process.

Claudia Dobler – Communicating risks and benefits of preventive tuberculosis treatment: Australian physicians’ perspectives.

Rob Cook – NIHR Signals: A system for disseminating important, trustworthy, relevant research for decision makers in the NHS.

Sarah Chapman – Evidence for Everyday: getting evidence into people’s hands through social media.

Jean Ryan – Investigation of the influence of patient decision aids on knowledge and informed decision-making: a systematic review and content analysis.

Translating Evidence into Better-Quality Health Services

Alys Mathers – Delivering Speech and Language Therapy services to mainstream schools via video-conferencing: a service evaluation.

Moira Godbert-Laird – Syndication of NICE content.

Pierre La Rochelle – Analysis of Evidence used to Justify Drugs Withdrawn from the Market for Safety Reason in USA from 1976 to 2010.

Dylan Collins – Total Cardiovascular Risk Assessment for the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases Overview of Systematic Reviews.


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