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If you’re seeing this page, please note that it is being used for testing translation solutions for the EBM Manifesto.

There are huge shortcomings in the way that evidence based medicine operates today: bad quality research, evidence that is withheld, piecemeal dissemination, a failure to respect patients’ priorities, and more. There is also a long history of people, and organisations, trying to fix these problems. We want to pull together a clear set of achievable goals, and a strong overview of the strategies that work best, to help deliver change better, and faster. This is the EBM manifesto.

Why we need better evidence for better healthcare

Whilst the amount of research, funded and published, has grown enormously, there is little to suggest increased outputs have led to real improvements in patient care. Equally worrying, the growth and volume of evidence 1 has been accompanied by a corrosion in the quality of evidence, 2 which has compromised medicine’s ability to provide affordable, effective, high value care.

Disquiet about the lack of high quality evidence cannot be dismissed as the grumblings of a disgruntled few. 2 Serious systematic bias,3 error, 3 and wastage 4 are now too well documented in all areas of medicine 5 and across the entire research ecosystem, from research to implementation.

2017 Highlights