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Achieving better healthcare by making better use of evidence

Abstracts accepted through the following Four Doors of the EBM Manifesto:

Identify and fixing problems with research evidence
Reduce questionable research practices, bias, and conflicts of interests
Ensure drug and device regulation is robust, transparent and independent

Develop research evidence
Expand the role of patients, health professionals and policy makers in research
Increase the systematic use of existing evidence
Make research evidence relevant, replicable and accessible to end users

Enhance real-world practice
Support innovation, quality improvement, and safety through the better use of real-world data
Produce better usable clinical guidelines

Add capacity globally
Educate professionals, policymakers and the public in evidence-based healthcare to make informed choices
Encourage the next generation of leaders in evidence-based medicine

Oral and Poster submissions are being accepted
Call for Abstracts – CLOSED

Accepted submissions will be published in the BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine journal. A copy of the license to publish which requires a signature from the corresponding author can be downloaded HERE and when you make a submission.

Oral Presenter Instructions
Authors are allocated 15 minutes, ten plus five for questions. Please keep to the time limit to ensure all presenters receive equal opportunity.
Room allocation, running order and Chairperson will be published on the conference app and in the pdf printable programme. Please note the running order is subject to change in case of any absences or if papers are better suited in a different order.
Using your own laptop is not a problem but can delay proceedings. We will request that you present last to avoid eating into the session time. Note, this could cut your own presentation time short.
Presentations will not be requested prior to the conference, please bring a copy with you on a USB stick for transferring onto the laptop already set up in the room.
Rooms will be open 30 minutes before each session for you to load (and run through) slides.
Clearly labeled presentations should be placed into a pre-named folder e.g. Monday July 15th 11 am on the desktop, a team member will be available to offer assistance if needed.All computers will be wiped after the event.
A seat marked Reserved will be made available for you at the front row. Please be in the room and prepared at least five minutes before the session is due to start.

Poster Presenter Instructions
Each poster must be on view up to and including the last break on Wednesday 17th July (lunch time). Presenters should be available for the poster session during the drinks reception on Monday 15th (18:00). Authors will be encouraged by a representative of CEBM and/or the BMJ to give a 1-2 minute summary of the major findings described in the poster.
The mounting board for each poster is 6′ high x 3′ wide (portrait) and can accommodate one A0 poster each side.
Poster boards will be numbered and the title of your abstract pinned to an allocated. Velcro fastenings will be provided.
Posters can be sent ahead of the conference and the team is happy to have them in place for you when you arrive. Please note we cannot be responsible for taking down any posters and returning them to the authors.

Please send any posters to arrive no later than Friday July 12th to –
Ruth Davis, Manager, Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine
Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford
Radcliffe Primary Care, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6GG

3 Minute Rapid Fire Instructions
Each presenter is allocated 3 minutes and 3 slides.  Please bring your presentation along on a USB stick, slides can be preloaded onto the desktop during break times or run directly from the  USB drive.  There are no hard and fast rules, you have a total of 3 minutes to introduce and give an overview of your project.  Questions will be managed by a chairperson at the end of the session.


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Call for Abstracts