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Call for Abstracts – CLOSED

Unfortunately due to level of uncertainity of staginglarge scals face to face events EBMLive is cancelled until further notice.
On opening we are accepting ‘work in progress‘ submissions.

Using Real-World Data to Improve Practice

Abstracts and workshops are sought that focus on:

  • Artificial Intelligence in healthcare – risks, shortfalls, methods and patient involvement
  • Potential biases in using Artificial Intelligence
  • scientific integrity and conflicts of interest in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and how to reduce them
  • Improving the methods for Big Data

Patient Involvement and Collaboration in Producing Research Evidence

Abstracts and workshops are sought that focus on:

  • Involving patients in identifying questions to focus research on
  • Patient engagement in the planning and execution of research
  • Supporting a diverse group of patients to participate in research – practical tips and suggestions
  • Innovative ways that evidence can be used with patients to share decision making
  • Improvements in medical reporting for informing the public

Teaching, Developing and Leading in Evidence-Based Medicine

Abstracts and workshops are sought that focus on:

  • Inform the teaching and/or training in evidence based methods
  • Using new technologies to effectively disseminate Evidence-Based Healthcare.
  • Tools and methods supporting future leaders in evidence based healthcare
  • Mentorship and improving the evidence-base for medical education

Translating Knowledge for Better-Quality Health Services

Abstracts and workshops are sought that focus on:

  • Implementation Science of evidence in practice
  • Facilitators and barriers to implementation of research evidence
  • Challenges to the development of evidence based policy
  • Improving access to high quality evidence

Accepted submissions will be published in the BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine journal.

A copy of the license to publish REQUIRES a signature from the corresponding author – DOWNLOAD HERE when you make a submission.

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Call for Oral & Poster Abstracts