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Jon Brassey – TRIP Database

Finding Better Evidence
Monday July 15th – 12:30-13:30

Jon Brassey is the Director of Trip Database Ltd & Lead for Knowledge Mobilisation at Public Health Wales (NHS)

Deeply integrated in the EBM world.
– Created the leading EBM tool – the Trip Database which has a massive following and usage.
– Involved in a large number of innovative projects both internal and external to Trip.
– Created and run
– Increasingly involved in undertaking research and generating IP.

Jon Brassey created and runs the evidence-based search engine the Trip Database ( Trip is the internet’s leading tool for finding evidence fast. It’s free, has a global following and has been searched over 100 million times. Our innovation has seen us help searchers find what they need around 80% of the time.
Personally been involved in clinical knowledge management for 15 years. This started as a desire to ensure clinicians have access to the best available evidence with which to base their clinical decisions on. This initially manifested itself as a clinical Q&A service. Since then the interests have widen but it’s still focussed on clinician’s information needs.

Specialties: knowledge management, evidence-based healthcare, public health, NHS, search, clinical search, internet, evidence-based commissioning

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