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Monday July 15th | Tuesday July16th | Wednesday July 17th
EBM Live 2019 - Tuesday July 16th

Registration & Coffee

Breakfast Session


Parallel Sessions

Patient and public contributors are invited to attend a workshop to seek their views on ideas for new research

Anne-Marie Boylan – CEBM

Stephanie Tierney – CEBM

Bernard Gudgin

We have created a specially tailored Patient Stream, which is taking place on Tuesday 16th July at 09:00 – 19:00 at Said Business Schooland the Natural history Museum Oxford. Patient

10:30 K3

Coffee & Posters


Make Research Evidence Relevant, Replicable and Accessible to end users (Patient Stream)

Amanda Adler – Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Per Olav Vandvik – University of Oslo

Paul Wicks – PatientsLikeMe

Amanda Adler – Abstract Coming Soon
Per Olav Vandvik – BMJ Rapid Recommendations disrupting the Evidence Ecosystem, for you and me?
Paul Wicks – “What’s in it for us? Conditional altruism and the social contract of research participation”


Lunch 12:30 – 14:00

An opportunity to browse through the posters, meet up with friends and colleagues and make new connections.

Meet the Journals (12:30 – 13:30)

Carl Heneghan – CEBM

Suzanne Jarvis

Jeffrey Aronson – CEBM

Editors from BMJ journals are holding a drop-in session for anyone interested in how to write well and get published.


How to do better cutting edge patient partnership (Patient Stream)

Helen MacDonald – BMJ

Patients are the ultimate end users of research and their influence on research is growing. Advance your thinking on the big issues which are shaping patients rights and roles in research.

How to make summary results available

Ben Goldacre – EBM Datalab

Nicholas J. DeVito – EBM DataLab

The best available evidence shows that the results of clinical trials are routinely unreported or underreported

Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine

Rachel Dean

Suzanne Jarvis

This introductory session will look at the EBM Manifesto and begin to question on whether it can be adapted for veterinary use.


Coffee & Posters

16:00 K4

The Complete Guide to BREAST CANCER and Making Evidence Accessible (Patient Stream)

Liz O’Riordan – Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

Trish Greenhalgh – University of Oxford

Whilst both authors were already ‘experts’ in aspects of breast cancer, they quickly found that their academic and surgical knowledge did not prepare them well for being breast cancer patients.


Patient Campaigns: How to make evidence matter and change policy – Oxford University Museum of Natural History (Patient Stream)

Kath Sansom

Marie Lyon

Susan Cole

An announcement in the House of Commons following patient-led campaigns on the use of the HPT Primodos, anti-epileptic drug sodium valproate & surgical mesh led to The Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review


Conference Dinner – Keble College