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EBM Live 2019 - Monday July 15th

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Introduction: Welcome to EBM Live 2019


Increasing the Systematic use of Existing Evidence

Andrea Tricco – St Michael’s Hospital and University of Toronto

Gerald Gartlehner – Danube University, Krems

Ruth Garside – University of Exeter

Andrea Tricco – Advancing the science of knowledge synthesis to increase the uptake of evidence
Gerald Gartlehner – Does the pill against love sickness work? Responding to inquiries of the general public with existing evidence
Ruth Garside – Beyond Barriers and Facilitators: using Qualitative Evidence Synthesis to develop understandings from qualitative research

10:30 K1

Coffee & Posters


Parallel Sessions


Lunch 12:00 – 13:30

An opportunity to browse through the posters, meet up with friends and colleagues and make new connections.

Finding Better Evidence (12:30 – 13:30)

Jon Brassey – TRIP Database

This session will be an informal, facilitated, discussion exploring issues relating to finding better evidence.
There is a lot of ground to cover, so expect a fast-paced session!


Reducing Questionable Research Practices and Bias

Terence Stephenson

We are all familiar with straightforward fraud. The Lancet paper by Andrew Wakefield alleging evidence of a link between measles, mumps and rubella immunisation and autism is perhaps the most


Parallel Sessions


Coffee & Posters


Stakeholder Engagement in Systematic Reviews

Kamal Mahtani – CEBM

Stephanie Tierney – CEBM

Anne-Marie Boylan – CEBM

Andrea Tricco – St Michael’s Hospital and University of Toronto

Bernard Gudgin

Involving stakeholders (e.g. patients, the public, policy makers and HC professionals) in the planning, doing and dissemination of SRs is one possible way to increase their relevance and uptake as well as reduce waste.

Refining the E in EBM: from Tamiflu to statins

Tom Jefferson – CEBM

Garbage In Garbage Out, whatever is produced in our reviews will be systematically assembled and synthesised garbage. The session will also discuss practical ways to change the evidence base of reviews of pharmacuticals interventions and barriers to such actions.

Improving the Reporting and Assessment of Harms

Marie Lindquist – UMC

Will Dixon – University of Manchester

Dani Prieto-Alhambra – University of Oxford

Individual case reports of suspected harm from medicines are collected worldwide and shared internationally. They inform most drug regulatory safety decisions, and ideally provide just the right information to assess causality in a specific case.


Healthcare Value session

Muir Gray – University of Oxford

To maintain health services across the globe, and continue to improve population health, there is an urgent need to transform health services to deliver triple value.

Towards 10 Papers on Bias

David Nunan – CEBM

Join David as he introduces the Catalogue of Bias and kick starts what would make your top ten essential papers on bias?

IDEAL and Research Waste in the Study of Complex Interventions

A seminar reporting a rapid systematic review and a sampling review and analysis of current literature with a discussion of how IDEAL should reduce research waste and an attempt to evaluate it’s potential impact.


Drinks Reception – Guided Poster Session