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Evidence Live 2016 Poster Abstracts

Phyll Buchanan – Communicating dyadic risks about drugs in breastmilk: #MatExp survey finds evidence of Goldilocks medicine.

Dr Iman El Sayed – A meta-analysis to study the effect of different neuro-protective drugs in management of critically ill patients with traumatic brain injury.

Sarah Wieten – Expertise in EBM: a Tale of Three Models.

Rev Dr Shinichi Tagami – Reducing usage of pain relievers through spiritual care, i.e. utilizing prayer, scripture reading, etc.

Dr Richard Colling – Evidence-based diagnostics in surgical pathology: a proposed model for practicing pathologists.

Dr Gene Stevenson – Dental Education: Bridging the Gap Between Clinical and Behavioral Studies.

Dr Luigia Scudeller – Knowledge and implementation Evidence-based practices among Italian nurse: a cross-sectional study.

Samantha Densem – Protocol: The BETTER Project.

Dr Amy Price and Prof Vasiliy V. Vlassov – Why paint EBM black? Purpose, power and practice in EBM.

Dr Sohil Khan – Application and retention of evidence based practice skills among students in an Australian School of Pharmacy.

Dr Luigia Scudeller – Measure-for-measure: how many outcomes do we need to measure efficacy? An overview of reviews on RCTs on sepsis and/or bloodstream infections.

Dr Annalisa De Silvestri – QUAGENS: a tool for Quality Assessment of GENetic Studies in systematic reviews. A proposal.

Dr Hend ElSayed – The effect of dental extraction on increased facial height in adults: another empty systematic review.

Dr Fran Toye – How can we effectively involve patients and public in qualitative systematic review? An example using an interactive poster.

Moacyr Nobre – Food choice determinants based on a constructivist approach for the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Dr Jong-Wook Ban – Are needs for a new cardiovascular prediction rule clearly assessed in derivations? A mixed methods study of derivation studies included in the International Register of Clinical Prediction Rules for Primary Care.

Amanda Hakala – Mapping the clinical translation of successful and unsuccessful neurological drugs.

Moacyr Nobre – Evidence based clinical decision support systems.

Dr Marcin Waligora – Are benefit and toxicity data well reported in pediatric phase 1 cancer trials?

Dr Hongyong Deng & Dr Shangua Liang – Classification of Interventions in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Moacyr Nobre – Risc factors for coronary artery disease in patients with reumatoid arthritis: systematic review.

Dr Emilija Todorovic – Diagnostic Accuracy of Bethesda System for FNA cytology evaluation of thyroid nodules: practical application of the multi-level test likelihood ratios.

Naomi Fearns – What patients and the public want from patient versions of clinical guidelines: findings from the DECIDE project.

Dr Clive Adams – @Cochranecollab – almost one year of postings. A survey.

Dr Christopher Winchester – Professional medical writing support and the quality of randomized controlled trial reporting: a cross-sectional study.

Bruce Hugman – A woman is not like a man: why risk communication for women is a whole new game.

Dr Maria Congedo – Slow Medicine campaign. Doing more does not mean doing better: from plan to action.

Siân Jones – The Graduate Evidence Assistant – taking the guesswork out of knowing what works.

Dr Sandra Vernero – Do physiotherapists’ practice follow an evidence-based approach? A survey.

Alison Turner – How is evidence valued and applied in system transformation?

Dr Guylene Theriault – SEKMED: a practical tool truly permitting the use of evidence at the point of care.

Dr Maria Congedo – Implementing Choosing Wisely method in an Italian hospital.

Dr V Abeysuriya – Is the length of hospital stay in the private sector longer if the patient has insurance?

Yen-Fen Hsu – Does xylocaine jel reduce the pain and discomfort during nasogastric insertion in home nursing patient.

Krystyna Joyce – Kazakhstan National Medicines Formulary: building an evidence-based culture using expert resources and networks.

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