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Evidence Live 2015 Posters

BN 4_A Systematic Review of the current Immunotherapy and Antiviral Agents in Treatment of Ebola Virus OutbreakE_Hardan

BN 7_Evidence-Based Practice and Knowledge Transfer_Aljuwair

BN 9_Up-to-dateness of reviews is often neglected in overviews a systematic review_Pieper

BN 10_SUMER SUpport MEthodology Research and Ethics Committees

BN 11_Research methodology for reviewing acupuncture research – what works for the patient_Pahl

BN 13

BN 13_Inadequate reporting of group sequential randomised controlled trials (GS RCT) shortcomings of the CONSORT 2010 statement_Stevely

BN-16_How-can-a-dog-leg-benefit-evidence-based-medicine_Bourke (1)

BN 16_How-can-a-dog-leg-benefit-evidence-based-medicine_Bourke

BN 18_Issues with prognosis research related to children’s disability Nomenclature, quality and statistics_Nissen

BN 19_How do we know if a medical test works_Hunt

BN 20_Evidence-based practices in 6 rehabilitation professions a bibliometric analysis_Decullier

BN 21_Are Cochrane Review Authors Incorporating Grey Literature Results Into Their Work_Bhattacharyya

BN 22_RCTs on trial a review of the obstacles to translation posed by randomised controlled trials and possible solutions_Sheriff

BN 24_Investigating mood instability using natural language processing (NLP) – a novel, automated method to extract data from electronic health records_Patel

BN 25_Transient loss of consciousness investigation from the neurological point of view _Congedo, Cusi, Motto

BN 26_Schizophrenia – low technology diagnostic triage still has a place a Cochrane Diagnostic Test Accuracy review_Soares-Weiser

BN 28_Reception of Decision Aids and Evidence-based Health Information from the Users´ Perspective – a Systematic Review.

BN 29_Simple label enhances patient safety_Thisara WeerasuriyaBN 30_The e-textbook of the Cochrane neurological reviews

Evidence Live Poster 2015. Final

BN 32_Evidence Flowers: An innovative, visual method of presenting ‘best evidence’ summaries to health professional and lay audiences_Babtunde

BN 36_Co-production of knowledge a new paradigm in academic publishing_Shanahan

BN37_Sugared soda versus zero soda: a demo RCT for the general public visiting a health fair_LVallotton

BN 38_ Effecting Beneficial Change Using an Academic Medical Center Community Hospital Collaborative Chronic Kidney Disease Screening_Brooks

BN 40_Does therapeutic writing help people with long-term conditions Systematic review and economic considerations_Meads

BN 42_BN 42_mHealth Can it be feasible, accepted and useful when promoting healthy life-style habits A systematic Review_Carrion

BN 43_Login time of five commonly used computer programs on the orthopaedic wards of a UK hospital_JAC

BN 44_Requesting and performing of non-contrast CT in patients with renalureteric colic

BN 48_How Does Inadequate Research Evidence Shape State Government Health Policy A Case Study of Hepatitis C Treatment_King

BN 49_Conflicts of interest in intensive care guidelines prevalence and contents_BareaMendoza

BN 50_Using and extending a mixed-method theory based systematic review approach where available intervention evidence is hard to reach, low volume and of low quality_Garside

BN52_Evidence-informed person-centered healthcare (Part II): Are ‘cognitive biases plus’ underlying the EBM paradigm responsible for undermining the quality of evidence?*

BN 53_What is the Role of Clinical Expertise in Dental Education_Stevenson

BN 53_What is the Role of Clinical Expertise in Dental Education_Stevenson

BN 55_Appropriateness and Effectiveness of Religious Care based on Evidence_Shinichi Tagami

BN 56_Differences in undergraduate dental students’ abilities to perform evidence-based practice skills_Al Ansari

BN 57

BN 57_Evidence based medicine a paradigm to be challenged_Schulte

BN 58_Evidence-based guides to support co-commissioning

BN 61_Inappropriate use of acid suppression therapy in Internal Medicine wards of a tertiary care teaching Hospital_Majeed

BN 62_Helping students to better understand and engage with evidence-based medicine_Gomaa

BN 64_Internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adults with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder A Systematic Review_Fricke

BN 65_Exploring Physiotherapists’ and Occupational Therapists’ Implemetation of the ICF Framework in an Evidence Based Stroke Rehabilitation

BN 66_Canine osteoarthritis the impact on owners and how decisions are made_Belshaw

BN 67_Implementing NICE guidelines in primary care with a model osteoarthritis consultation_Dziedzic et al

BN 68_How do you improve quality of life in men with advanced prostate cancer who have been castrated_Bourke

BN 68_How do you improve quality of life in men with advanced prostate cancer who have been castrated_Bourke

BN 69_Does Laparoscopic Resection Rectopexy Has Lower Recurrence Rate than Open and Robot-Assisted Rectopexy A systematic Review and Meta-analysis_Hardan

BN 70_Transforming commissioning with evidence_TurnerBN 59_Improving outcomes for cardiovascular disease_Shaw

BN 71_Increased risk of caries in primary teeth of children with macrosomal birth weight in the Okinawa Child Health Study Cohort_Yokomichi

BN 72_Impact of 5AsT intervention on weight management in a primary care network_Campbell-Scherer

BN 73_Translating Knowledge into Action in Diagnosis and Management of Sepsis_Thain

BN 74_A model consultation for osteoarthritis the effect on the recorded quality of primary care_Edwards

BN 75_Challenges of Transforming Obesity Management with Evidence Enacting Interdisciplinary Approaches in the Primary Care Context_Campbell-Scherer

BN 76_Excess mortality associated with second hip fracture_Sheehan



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