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EBMLive 2019 Scholarships

Douglas Altman (1948-2018) was Professor of Statistics in Medicine and Director of the Centre for Statistics in Medicine at the University of Oxford and the BMJ’s chief statistical advisor for over twenty years.
Douglas G Altman: statistician, researcher, and driving force behind global initiatives to improve the reliability of health research

Doug was a world leading authority on the execution and reporting of health research, establishing the Equator Network and played a leading role in establishing better standards in Evidence-Based Medicine.

The Doug Altman Scholarship provided early career researchers full EBMLive delegate registration travel & accommodation funded by the McCall MacBain Foundation (MMF).

We were looking for provocative, bold and constructive contributions from future leaders that address the conference themes of: ‘Make research evidence relevant, replicable, and accessible to end users’ or ‘Reduce questionable research practices, bias, and conflicts of interests in research’ (see EBM manifesto for more information) and we weren’t disappointed.  Read our announcement of  the Doug Altman Scholarship outcome and our additional news on building capacity in EBM HERE 

Introducing the EBMLive 2019 Doug Altman Scholars

Logan Williams – @lzjwilliams
Logan is a final year medical student at The University of Auckland, in New Zealand. He is passionate about perinatal neurodevelopment, having previously completed a BSc in Biomedical Science (neuroscience) and an intercalated BMedSc(Hons) in neonatal medicine. Recently he has developed a keen interest in scientific integrity, particularly in the interplay between the academic ecosystem and research misconduct.

Stephen Bradley – @DryBreadnRadio
I am a GP undertaking a PhD on lung cancer diagnosis, funded by Cancer Research UK at the University of Leeds. My clinical work is in a specialist service for homeless people, asylum seekers and immigrants and I am passionate about addressing inequalities in health. I currently serve on a NICE clinical guideline committee and I am a member of the executive committee of the Fabian Society, a political think tank.

Cole Wayant – @ColeWayant_OK
Mr. Wayant is a dual-degree medical and doctoral student at Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. His research explores bias in the medical literature and how bias and poor methodological/reporting quality may affect study conclusions, interpretations, and applications. Clinically, Mr. Wayant is interested in hematology/oncology. Mr. Wayant enjoys bicycling, cooking, and reading new books — all with his wife and son.

Tanja Rombey – @tanjarombey
Tanja is a doctoral student (Theoretical Medicine) at Witten/Herdecke University in Germany. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Health (Management & Leadership) from the University of Sheffield and a Bachelor’s degree in Health Economics from the University of Cologne. Tanja has a keen interest in systematic reviews and their methods as a part of evidence based medicine, her doctoral thesis being about protocols for systematic reviews. It is her aim to become a professor for evidence based medicine and teach medical students about meaningful research and its use in clinical practice.

Andrew (Drew)Dagens – @drewdagens1 
Drew is studying for an MSc in Evidence Based Healthcare at the University of Oxford. Drew is an infectious diseases specialist with the Royal Air Force and is interested in the healthcare of military personnel; both serving and veterans. His previous work has looked at viral carriage in Royal Marine recruits and chronic tropical illness in forces deployed to South Sudan. Currently Drew is working on the taught component of his master’s degree, but hopes to complete a systematic review on the diagnosis of neglected tropical diseases. Ultimately drew aims to complete a DPhil at the CEBM in Oxford. In addition to his specialty in infection Drew is interested in the problem of ‘fake news’ in science. This year at EBMLive he’s arguing that the scientific community needs to acknowledge that they have created the problem of ‘predator publishing.’

Christoffee Bjerre Haase – @CHaase16786503 
“Christoffer Bjerre Haase is a researcher and medical doctor from University of Copenhagen. Based on the theory of science, philosophy and evidence-based medicine, Christoffer is primarily interested in the inter-relations between the concepts of overdiagnosis and diagnosis/disease and the ways (medical) science and societal discourses influence those concepts.
His recent projects analyse whether medical science, and specifically evidence-based medicine, allows any health risk (e.g. hypertension) and existential condition (e.g. sarcopenia) to become a diagnosis and, also, whether the economic effect of diagnosis changes the diagnosis itself.”

Brennan Kahan – @Brennan_Kahan
Brennan Kahan is a statistician based at the Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit, Queen Mary University of London. His main area of research is around trying to improve the statistical methods used in randomised trials. A particular focus is on trying to increase transparency in how trials are analysed.


Matthew Parkes – @mattyjparkes
Matt is a research statistician at the University of Manchester in the UK, in the ROAM (Research in Osteoarthritis Manchester) unit, a group specialising in conducting late phase clinical trials of nonpharmacological interventions for osteoarthritis. He is currently about to complete a PhD by published work in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, which focused on refining the methodology of lateral wedge insole trials. His research interests include chronic disease clinical trials methods, outcome research, and digital epidemiology. He is a keen user of Stata, and increasingly passionate advocate of R and Python for clinical research too. He is particularly keen to explore ways of improving transparency, reproducibility, and collaboration in research; specifically how we change the writing of scientific manuscripts to interweave data, analysis, and write-up – the topic about which Matt will be presenting at EBMLive.





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