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Why come to Evidence Live

 “A thoroughly enjoyable experience. I look forward to attending Evidence Live again in the future!”

Evidence Live is a partnership between The BMJ and the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine in the University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences.
This meeting combines debate on the latest issues with education and practical skills development; a community coming together for a conference and evidence-based workshops where international thinkers share ideas to improve healthcare. We seek answers to the question: how can we transform healthcare for the better?


The Evidence Live conference is unlike any other event in healthcare.  It brings together leading speakers in evidence-based medicine from all over the world, from the fields of research, clinical practice and commissioning. Evidence live is the place for learning about the latest advances in evidence-based healthcare and finding out how they can be best applied in clinical practice.

At the Evidence Live conference researchers, clinicians and professionals, working with evidence at different stages in the healthcare chain, learn about important issues in healthcare. The programme is designed to showcase the most innovative ideas, processes and best practices that form the foundations of an evidence-based approach. We aim to provide a thought-provoking environment that offers an opportunity for delegates to learn first hand from leading experts in evidence-based healthcare.  Optimising clinical engagement and dissemination of evidence use to benefit healthcare systems and influence public health issues across the globe

“ Our programmes for Evidence Live events are designed to be thought-provoking, practical and entertaining. Delegates get an amazing opportunity to learn first-hand how leading world experts in evidence-based medicine are helping to shape healthcare for the better. ”
Dr Carl Heneghan, Director Centre Evidence Based Medicine, University of Oxford

“ The evidence movement is always advancing and there are new challenges, new technologies and new methodologies to discuss but at the same time people want to learn how to apply them in their every day work. The Evidence Conference combines debate about the latest issues with educational, practical skills development. ”
Fiona Godlee, Editor in chief, The BMJ

Who should attend?

  • Front-line healthcare professionals.
  • Regional and national policy makers involved in the implementation of evidence.
  • Methodologists and researchers.
  • Teachers and trainers of evidence-based practice.
  • Commissioners of evidence-based interventions and resources.
  • Budget holders who need to assess the cost-effectiveness of evidence-based interventions.
  • Developers of evidence-based healthcare resources, tools and materials.
  • Students interested in learning about evidence-based practice.
  • Allied healthcare professionals and others with an interest in using evidence in their practice.

Operations are headed up by staff in the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford and delivered in partnership with the BMJ.

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