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Evidence Live 2017

Thank you to all that attended and participating in Evidence Live 2017 at the Blavatnik School of Government June 21 -22. We hope that you found the sessions informative, inspiring and worthwhile.
One of our primary goals was to increase awareness of the EBM manifesto Better Evidence for Better Healthcare and generate jobs lists for key stakeholder groups to fix the problems in EBM.
All suggestions collected will be analysed and written up with a list of priorities available by September 2017. Evidence Live 2018 will focus on the work proposed within each stakeholder group that encourages Better Evidence for Better Healthcare by:

  • Expanding the role of patients, health professionals, and policy makers in research
  • Increasing the systematic use of existing evidence
  • Making research evidence relevant, replicable, and accessible to end users
  • Reducing questionable research practices, bias, and conflicts of interests
  • Ensuring drug and device regulation is robust, transparent, and independent
  • Producing better usable clinical guidelines
  • Supporting innovation, quality improvement, and safety through the better use of real world data
  • Educating professionals, policy makers, and the public in evidence based healthcare to make an informed choice
  • Encouraging the next generation of leaders in evidence based medicine

There are many problems in EBM, but also many solutions. If you didn’t get the chance to join the consultation workshop but are still keen to let us know your thoughts you can write your suggestions through the online form. All contributions will be shared openly online.

All Evidence Live 2017 materials will be added to the website over the next few weeks.  If you would like to share your presentation / poster please send a pdf copy to and we will add it to the webpages.
If you have a spare five minutes please complete the feedback questionnaire to help us improve the event for next year.

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Improving Policy for a Positive Impact on Global Health_Marie Lindquist

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