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After close monitoring of the coronavirus pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding travel and large scale face to face events the EBMLive organising committee have taken the decision to cancel all EBMLive events until further notice.

EBMLive will continue to focus on three key points of the EBM Manifesto within the current climate, actively disseminating and translating evidence at given opportunities.

  • Patient involvement & collaboration (Manifesto Theme 1)
    While healthcare delivery is becoming more patient centered, the role of patients in the production and implementation of evidence is also evolving. How patients are meaningfully engaged at the outset of evidence generation is important for the long-term delivery of sustainable and affordable healthcare.
  • Real-world data to improve practice (Manifesto Theme 7)
    The rapid advancement in technology – particularly artificial intelligence and machine learning – along with the increasing availability of data, has led to calls for ‘Big Data’ approaches to be implemented in healthcare. What is the evidence that ‘big data’ can lead to improved outcomes? What are the risks to widespread adoption?
  • Communication of evidence (Manifesto Theme 8)
    The integration of evidence with patient values and preferences is critical for improving and informing the public, the media and policy makers to make better choices in the delivery and discussion of healthcare

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